Implementing a template based website

A closer look

Lets take a look at

     eval("\$resultbits .= \"".gettemplate("ResultsBit")."\";");

first. What the eval statement does is evaluate php code as if you have written it yourself. For example

eval("echo \"thetext\";");

does the same as hard-coding

echo "thetext";

Our code takes advantage of this functionality, by writing it's own php code for this statement. What's the point, you may ask? Well, just as

echo "hello $name";

would output hello, and the contents of the variable, $name, the same applies when used within an eval statement. Lets imagine that gettemplate function returns simply


What ends up being evaluated in the call to the eval statement is

$resultbits .= "<td>$data[title]</td>";

(remembering that we need to escape characters such as $ and " within the string). PHP then appends <td>$data[title]</td> to the $resultbits variable, and replaces $data[title] with its current value. In the same way, PHP replaces all the variables within our templates with the current value (which, in this instance, has been loaded from $data=mysql_fetch_array($query).) Our code simply loops through the information from the database, evaluating the template for each different value of $data[title] and appends it to $resultbits. Finally, once the loop is complete, we call another eval statement, this time retrieving the value from the ResultsPage template, and replacing $pagetitle,$searchquery and $resultbits with their values in the script. Simple! :-)

And there you have it, your own template based website.

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