API Programming Series #1

Why use the API when I can achieve most of the thi

First of all the features offered by (pure) VB are pretty limited when compared to what can be achieved in windows. The recent additions have alleviated this problem somewhat, but the functionality offered by VB is still woefully inadequate in many areas, especially systems programming. Using the API can help you to work around this and would be much simpler than learning a new language.

Secondly, due to its architecture, programs written in VB run slower than their C++ or Delphi counterparts. This is the price one has to pay for easier debugging, simpler coding and a fast development cycle. API being the native interface to Windows is much faster than VB when compared to VB code and since the support files are present in all Windows installations (more about this in the Where does the API reside section) the distribution size is smaller too. So using the API in VB allows one to have the best of both worlds.

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