API Programming Series #1

What are the cons?

I guess I went a bit overboard in praising the API. Because, for all its advantages, API programming does have some critical disadvantages.

  • First of all there is the learning curve. An equivalent of our simple MsgBox function has parameters that would require the services of a qualified astrologer to make sense of, if you are a newbie.
  • It is much less forgiving of programmer errors and it is child's play to crash your application or your system with a malformed API call. And certain API calls when (im) properly used can even render your system unbootable or worse.
  • Then, true to Microsoft tradition some API calls do not work as advertised.
  • [Editors Note]If you eventually start programming with the .net framework, api calls become a legacy; API is windows specific, and - believe it or not - the .NET framework is intended to be platform independant[/Editors Note]


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