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One of the issues that we had when we first started to develop commercial web sites was some of the limitations of using a browser as the interface. This was three or four years ago, but we are only just now starting to see some improvement in the richness of interface that can be offered. And, in our opinion, some changes just couldn't come fast enough.

For instance, there were many cases where we wanted to retrieve information from the server immediately after the user had performed some action, like entering a customer number. In our 'ideal' universe, the entry of the customer number would trigger a request to the server to retrieve the name, address and contact person. All of this without needing to repaint Internet Explorer or requiring that the page be refreshed. Now in today's world, we might examine Web Services or SOAP as the tool to use. But for simplicity, both then and now, we can use Remote Scripting to get the functionality up and running within minutes. And with a minimum of learning curve. The purpose of this article is to get YOU up and running on remote scripting.

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Bruce Johnson Canada

I am the owner of a small application development consulting company that specialized in the design and implementation of Internet-based applications. While there are others who can make a web ...

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