Searching XML using a DataSet & DataView


Sometimes you need the basic features of a database but don't want the hassle, and possibly cost, of creating one for a small application. With the .NET DataSet object and a simple XML document we can emulate the basic features of a database. In this example, we use an XML document which stores our product information. We want to look up a product by SKU and return the price and description to a Web page.

We have three products in our list. The following is a basic XML document, productlist.xml, containing our data:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <Description>Widget #1</Description>
    <Description>Widget #2</Description>
    <Description>Widget #3</Description>

If you think of this document in terms of a database, the data within the ProductList tags are our database. The data within the Products tags are a table in the database. SKU, Price, and Descriptions are columns in the Products table. Just like a database, we want to return a row of values, given a column value.

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