Introduction to Microsoft's .NET Platform


ASP.NET allows you to choose which language you will develop in. Microsoft believes that choosing an actual language will simply come down to the type of lifestyle you are leading. In my opinion, .NET is Microsoft's greatest invention. .NET has advantages for both developers and clients alike.

For developers, we now have all of the tools we need right at our fingertips to create, manage and distribute our applications with ease. We can utilise the Internet like never before. The .NET's CLR also means that our applications are less likely to crash, and more likely to provide us with the results we're looking for: a clean, quick and sturdy implementation with maximum up time and minimum down time.

Clients can expect a whole new range of advanced Internet equipped components and services to help meet their demands more easily. Just imagine a couple of years down the track; you might be the developer creating a web service to help your clients train their new employees online, without any human intervention. The possibilities are endless with .NET, and things can only get better from here!

Although it may sound a bit bombastic, .NET is about increasing the quality of your programming model and giving software engineering the position it should have with respect to classical engineering.

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