Pro WPF: Windows Presentation Foundation in .NET 3.0

Pro WPF: Windows Presentation Foundation in .NET 3.0
Matthew MacDonald
21 May 2007
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The Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (formerly code-named "Avalon") is a key part of .NET 3.0 and provides the foundation for building applications and high-quality user experiences in Windows Vista. WPF blends together application user interface, documents, and media content, while exploiting the full power of your computer.WPF functionality extends support for Tablet PCs and other forms of input device, and provides a more modern imaging and printing pipeline.

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Customer Reviews

tech*star said
This is the best book I have seen for WPF, but there is a newer version available. I also have the Adam Nathan book and while it essentially covers the same topics, this one goes into more depth. I also have browsed some other books that my friends have and would still buy (the new edition of) this one if I had to do it again.

Adriano Silva said
I usually don't write reviews but I thought I should leave my impressions on this one. The first thing that comes to my attention is the clear, right to the point and easy to understand language and examples. I work dally with WPF and when I need help I will research on MSDN and Google but find myself going back over and over to this book to find what I need. If you are looking for a complete reference or even back to back reading experience on WPF this book will not disappoint.

IReviewer said
Judging by the number of reviews, MacDonald's fan base is similar to that of Alison Balter-Mastering Access 97 Development (one of SAMS best). The learning and example experience is fairly similar. I got Pro WPF before the VB version came out. Migrating from VB to WPF is difficult enough without dealing with C#. The downloaded code of the VB version is only for examples but they are generally relevant to me. I still break out Visual Basic 2005 (.NET or Bust) for a succinct reorientation.

Mark J. Moeykens said
This review is a comparison between
Windows Presentation Foundation Unleashed (WPF) (Unleashed) by Adam Nathan


Pro WPF: Windows Presentation Foundation in .NET 3.0 by Matthew MacDonald

I have been using both of these books for learning WPF. What I like about "WPF Unleashed" is the quality of the pages with the color printing. I believe this higher quality is a great step in the right direction and I know a lot of developers appreciate good quality printing such as this. But as good as the printing is I still find myself spending more time in the "Pro WPF" book.

I think it has to do with the flow of the book and how the information is presented to the reader. I'll do my best to explain my experience. In the "Unleashed" book I found myself reading a bit of knowledge, looking at the example, try to work with it in Visual Studio and struggling. Then going back over the knowledge, going to the internet, find out some more, work with it in Visual Studio, back to the book and in some cases giving up because I couldn't achieve some result.

In the "Pro WPF" book though I didn't have this happen nearly as much. In the Pro book it had a really nice flow to it where he would present some basic information, give and example, present some information, give an example. So here I found myself reading some knowledge, do it in Visual Studio like his example, read some knowledge, do it in Visual Studio. I didn't have to reread nearly as much and the knowledge seemed to build upon itself nicely; taking you from simple to more complex. He was really good at NOT introducing newer topics (WPF class/methods) that he hadn't already covered.

The books work well together though and that's how I used them. I use the "Pro WPF" as my main and the "Unleashed" book for more examples.

The "Pro WPF" book has also been updated since publishing and split into two books for C# and VB.NET in .NET 3.5:
Pro WPF in C# 2008: Windows Presentation Foundation with .NET 3.5, Second Edition (Books for Professionals by Professionals)
Pro WPF with VB 2008: Windows Presentation Foundation with .NET 3.5 (Pro)
I haven't read these books yet so I cannot comment on them. I just wanted to include them as a note to the reader.

G. Mead said
I already have several WPF books now, each of them has something to offer and it's a rare day when you can find all the information you need on a complex, wide ranging topic like WPF in one book.

Without detracting from the other books that I admire, I think if one book does come closest to being a one-stop source then possibly it is this one. Coverage of topics is comprehensive, detailed and accurate. At just under 1000 pages it's definitely a heavyweight, although you're unlikely to want to be parted from it long enough to use it as a doorstop.

The author's writing style is clear and friendly without being patronising. If I have a gripe about the book, it's the same complaint I've been making since the middle of 2007 - this is yet another WPF book that only has code behind samples in C#. However I understand that there will be a VB2008 version out early in 2008.

Of the books I have on WPF, I turn to this one early in most researches. I consider this book to be a good investment. I have several of Matthew MacDonald's earlier books, which I have always found relevant, well-written and useful; this book is in the same mould.

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