Detect missing images with client-side script

In previous tips, we've shown you how to determine whether a file exists programmatically by using either the MSWC.Tools object or the Scripting.FileSystemObject object. Both have their place, but what if you need to make this determination in DHTML on the client side? A good example of this situation is when you need to ascertain whether an image exists before displaying it. Nobody likes seeing broken image links, but how can you trap this condition programmatically?  In DHTML, the <img> tag fires an OnError event anytime the image cannot be loaded. This can occur either because the src attribute of the <img> element points to a file that doesn't exist, because of a timeout, or because of another error. Detecting the problem, however, allows you to take some action before the element is rendered.  You could substitute another image, change the value of the image's alt attribute, or (as shown below) simply prevent the element from being rendered at all.

    <script language="JavaScript">
      function ImageLoadFailed() { = "None";

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