Total size of a directory

The following code includes a function to calculate the total hard disk space taken up by a directory.



function show_dir($dir, $pos=2){
   global $totalsize;
   if($pos == 2)
      echo "<hr><pre>";

   $handle = @opendir($dir);
   while ($file = @readdir ($handle)){
      if (eregi("^\.{1,2}$",$file))
      if (is_dir($dir.$file)) {
         echo "|- ".$pos."s <b>$file</b>\n";
         show_dir("$dir.$file/", $pos+3);
      } else {
         echo "|- ".$pos."s $file ";
         echo("$size <br>");

if($pos == 2) echo "</pre><hr>";

$totalsize = show_dir("c:/winnt/system32/");

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