Convert RTF to HTML

Visual Basic module which changes text from RTF to HTML. Note that it requires an entire RTF document including header codes, however the text it outputs does not include the HTML header codes. This is a feature not a bug since the header codes are much easier to add than to remove.
The program currently supports the following:

  • Most if not all ascii characters are converted from RTF codes to HTML codes
  • Bold, Italicized, Strikeout and Underlined text
  • Bulleted lists
  • Colored fonts
  • Fonts
  • Font Size
  • Centered and Right justified text
  • Produces clean and correct HTML
  • Other stuff...

Use the following function in the module to perform the conversion:

Function rtf2html3(strRTF As String, Optional strOptions As String) As String

More information can be found here

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