Display animated GIFs in VB

While the Picture ActiveX control offers a great way to display
graphics, it only shows the first image in an animated GIF. To
display a fully animated GIF, without rebuilding the entire graphic
frame by frame, you can use the WebBrowser control (just keep in
mind that this control isn't available to machines without IE 3.0
or greater).  To do so, select the Microsoft Internet Controls
component. When you do, the WebBrowser control appears on Visual
Basic's toolbar. Drop the control onto a form, then in the form's
Load() event place the following code:

WebBrowser1.Navigate "C:Internetanim.gif"

Where the filespec points to a valid animated GIF path or URL. When
you run the program, Visual Basic displays the GIF.

Unfortunately, the WebBrowser also displays a right-hand scroll
bar--probably not what you want for a decorative image. Believe it
or not, you can turn this scrollbar off just like you would normally
via HTML, as in:

WebBrowser1.Navigate "about:<html><body scroll='no'><img

Now when you run the form, Visual Basic displays the image sans

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