Storing / Retrieving pictures from database

Hi folks

I have searched many sites for storing a picture into a database and retrieve the same. But I got some tutorials when I searched the web. Using the tutorials I have a made one for me. It was implemented using Php and MySQL.

The downloadable ZIP file includes the following files.

  1. index.php
    This files links all the files in the project.
  2. store.php
    This does the job of storing the picture into the database.
  3. viewadd.php
    This file shows the entire picture stored in the database.
  4. getpicture.php
    This file actually gets the file from file in the form of picture
    This is a class file for Mysql feel free to use. I got this over net.

Here is the table description

       Id - > has the picture id
       Description -> has the picture description
       bin_data -> picture data
       filename -> picture file name
       filetype -> picture file type. Like gif or jpeg etc
       link -> you can store the link incase if you want to use this for ad exchange
       showno - > no of time ad show etc
       clickcount -> no of time the ad being clicked etc
Query for the table.

       id varchar(15),
       description varchar(255),
       bin_data LONGBLOB,
       filename varchar(50),
       filesize varchar(50),
       filetype varchar(50),
       link varchar(255),
       shownno integer(5),
       clickcount integer(5),

If you want to see a site where I have implemented please have a look at the site

Feel free to change anything in the code. If you developed a better version than this please send me the source code so that I may update myself. It took me much time when commenting the code of ease of understanding.

Please vote for me.

Imthiaz Rafiq

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