Resizing images retrieved from SQL server

This is a nice neat way of resizing an image, I've simplified it and de-refactored (?) it for simplicity. Firstly, you ask for your image from the database:

SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand( "SELECT image FROM images WHERE [email protected]" , connection);
cmd.Parameters.Add( "@id" , Request.QueryString[ "id" ]);
SqlDataReader dr = cmd.ExecuteReader();

Allocate an array of bytes to store it in temporarily:

byte[] image = null;
while (dr.Read())
  image = (byte[])dr.GetValue(0);

Now you have an array of bytes that contains your image, you can freely load it into a bitmap from the array:

Bitmap b = (Bitmap)Bitmap.FromStream( new MemoryStream(image));

And you can resize that bitmap easily using the overloaded bitmap constructor:

Bitmap output = new Bitmap(b, new Size(320, 240);

One resized bitmap that you can now save or send anywhere - including Response.OutputStream!

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