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Installing & Configuring

Health monitoring is useful to administrators who need to monitor an application and be notified when a critical error occurs, or to developers who need to add instrumentation to a mis-behaving application.

Step 1 : Installing Web Event
You can do this easily in run-time mode with this code below:

Management.SqlServices.Install("Computer Name", "SQL user name",_
"SQL password", "Database name", Management.SqlFeatures._

Step 2 : Configuring Health Monitoring
Write these elements in web.config file:

    <add name="ConnectionString" connectionString="Data Source=(local);_
Initial Catalog=DeveloperMeeting;
UId=sa; Pwd=sa"/>
<healthMonitoring enabled="true">
        <add name="SqlWebEventProvider"
type="System.Web.Management.SqlWebEventProvider, System.Web, Version=, Culture=neutral,
connectionStringName="ConnectionString" maxEventDetailsLength="1073741823" buffer="false"/>
        <add name="Application Lifetime Events Rule" eventName="All Events"
provider="SqlWebEventProvider" profile="Critical" />

You must set health monitoring's provider. you have three selections.
1- SqlWebEventProvider
2- EventLogWebEventProvider
3- MailWebEventProvider

Item one uses SQL Server for storing events and item two uses windows event log.
I would like to use "SqlWebEventProvider" in this article.

Via rules you can tell to web event whether All Events or Failure Audits stores.

Step 3 : Getting events from data store
For this step we must write two simple stored procedures for getting data and cleaning data from data store.

    SELECT *
    FROM dbo.aspnet_WebEvent_Events

CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.DM_WebEvent_ClearAllEvent AS
    FROM dbo.aspnet_WebEvent_Events

And two VB.NET classes for managing event log.(I used my SQL Data Provider VB.NET Class)

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