Health Monitoring in ASP.NET 2

WebEvents Class

Imports DeveloperMeeting
Imports DeveloperMeeting.DataProvider

Namespace EventLog
    Public NotInheritable Class WebEvents #Region " Constructor "
        Public Sub New(ByVal ConnectionString As String)             _ConnectionString = ConnectionString             DSEventLog = SqlDataProvider.FillDataSet(ConnectionString, _             "DM_WebEvent_GetLogEvent", _ CommandType.StoredProcedure, Nothing)         End Sub #End Region

#Region " Declarations "
        Dim DSEventLog As New DataSet
        Dim _ConnectionString As String
#End Region
#Region " Propreties "
        Public ReadOnly Property Count() As Integer
                Return DSEventLog.Tables(0).Rows.Count
            End Get
        End Property
#End Region #Region " GetEventLog Method "
        Public Function GetEventLog(ByVal Index As Integer) As [Event]
            Dim Return_Value As New [Event]
            With Return_Value
                .EventID = DSEventLog.Tables(0).Rows(Index)("EventId")
                .EventTimeUtc = DSEventLog.Tables(0).Rows(Index)("EventTimeUtc")
                .EventTime = DSEventLog.Tables(0).Rows(Index)("EventTime")
                .EventType = DSEventLog.Tables(0).Rows(Index)("EventType")
                .EventSequence = DSEventLog.Tables(0).Rows(Index)("EventSequence")
                .EventOccurrence = DSEventLog.Tables(0).Rows(Index)("EventOccurrence")
                .EventCode = DSEventLog.Tables(0).Rows(Index)("EventCode")
                .EventDetailCode = DSEventLog.Tables(0).Rows(Index)("EventDetailCode")
                .Message = IIf(DSEventLog.Tables(0).Rows(Index)("Message") Is DBNull.Value, _
vbNullString, DSEventLog.Tables(0).Rows(Index)("Message"))
                .ApplicationPath = IIf(DSEventLog.Tables(0).Rows(Index)("ApplicationPath") _
Is DBNull.Value, vbNullString, DSEventLog.Tables(0).Rows(Index)
                .ApplicationVirtualPath = IIf(DSEventLog.Tables(0).Rows(Index) _
("ApplicationVirtualPath") Is DBNull.Value, vbNullString, _
                .MachineName = DSEventLog.Tables(0).Rows(Index)("MachineName")
                .RequestUrl = IIf(DSEventLog.Tables(0).Rows(Index)("RequestUrl") _
Is DBNull.Value, vbNullString, DSEventLog.Tables(0).Rows(Index)("RequestUrl"))
                .ExceptionType = IIf(DSEventLog.Tables(0).Rows(Index)("ExceptionType") _
Is DBNull.Value, vbNullString, DSEventLog.Tables(0).Rows(Index) _
                .Details = IIf(DSEventLog.Tables(0).Rows(Index)("Details") Is DBNull.Value, _
vbNullString, DSEventLog.Tables(0).Rows(Index)("Details"))
            End With
            Return Return_Value
        End Function

        Public Function GetEventLog() As DataSet
            Return DSEventLog
        End Function
#End Region #Region " ClearAllEvent Method "
        Public Sub ClearAllEvent()
            SqlDataProvider.ExecuteQuery(_ConnectionString, "DM_WebEvent_ClearAllEvent", _
CommandType.StoredProcedure, Nothing)
        End Sub
#End Region
    End Class End Namespace

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