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Thu, 13 Oct 2011, 20:00 - 22:00 (Add to calendar) GMT
The Skills Matter eXChange , London, GB

Scala LiftOff is coming back to London this autumn! Scala is the functional programming language behind the websites such as Twitter and LinkedIn. This 2-day unconference will centre on the Lift Web Framework ( and all aspects of Scala.

This star-studded event features David Pollak (@dpp founder of the Lift Web Framework), Maarten Koopmans (owner and founder of and the brains behind the open source cloud backed storage project of Norway's national research network, UNINETT Sigma), Timothy Perrett, author of Lift in Action, Phil Bagwell from Typesafe (the company behind Scala), Iulian Dragos (responsible for many of the innovations that give Scala such an impressive run time performance), and many more!

The event is packed with exciting presentations, park-bench discussions, and lots of networking opportunities. Not to mention plenty of beer and pizza!

It’s a friendly community "unconference" event for everyone - from those just “checking it out” to leading experts who have been developing it for years. This diversity means you can learn everything you need for your projects. There is no pre-set agenda for the conference, attendees go through a facilitated process to create the agenda live at the event.

We encourage those with applied knowledge to prepare sessions so they can share some of what they know. Those new to the language can pose questions about what they want to learn about. Sessions called at previous Scala LiftOff ebents include:

* Overcoming Java/Scala integration issues

* Using the Actors Library

* "Whittling an API"

* Using SBT for Scala development

* Functional Programming in Scala

* Overcoming Binary-Incompatability

* Creating a website in Lift


You will have the opportunity to explore the latest Scala and Lift releases – don’t miss this opportunity for Peer-to-Peer learning!

Get more info and sign up here:

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