Potluck BBQ, Games, and Movies at Steve and Robyn's, part deux!

28-29 Jul 2012 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , Olympia, US

Robyn and I moved to Lacey about a year ago, it is time for a housewarming!

Well, two parties, since all our friends cannot make it to one date. So on July 14 and 28, both Saturdays, we're holding a potluck BBQ, game, and movie day. Bring games and movies, if you wish.
We've got a propane BBQ, bring food already prepped or ready to toss on the barbie. Steve is going to BBQ brocolli. Smear the heads in butter/margarine and put them on the top shelf and close the lid... yum. Bring what you like to drink with enough to share. If your dish requires a serving spoon, please bring one with it.

I'll have both my drink dispensers. You will be carded and your hand stamped to drink alcohol. Feel free to bring something to add to the drink mixer, with the caveat that I like good booze, NOT a lot of booze.

We are a bit short on chairs, so bring 'em if you've got 'em.
We'll start about noon and go 'til we're too tired to continue, probably around 11pm.

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