How to design a great Web API

Wed, 19 Jun 2013, 18:00 - 20:00 (Add to calendar) GMT
100 North Stone Avenue #110 , Tucson, US

The success of a Web API design completely depends on how quickly developers can get up to speed and start using your API. What are the standards and best practices to consider when designing a great Web API. You have to get the design right first, because design communicates how your API will be used. Learn how to design for the optimal benefit of the App Developer. Get an overview of the presentational State Transfer (REST) architectural style for distributed hypermedia and how to use it correctly with Web API. How do we do things correctly so that our API is suited well for Desktop, Mobile and Future Clients? Can we run it in Azure? (yes!) The Sample Project demonstrated is a .Net Web API using RavenDB as the backend without Entity Framework. We will dig deep into the Code and see firsthand what tools are beneficial in the design and API development process as well as the Goodness and the Gotchas around Asp.Net MVC 4 WebAPI and how you can be productive quickly.

These samples are being released soon as a StarterKit for Visual Studio using: Asp.Net MVC WebAPI, Single Page Applications, CanJS and RavenDB.

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