//BUILD Welcome featuring Glenn Block & C# on a diet with scriptcs

The San Francisco .NET User Group
Thu, 27 Jun 2013, 02:00 - 05:00 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , San Francisco, US

The vibrant San Francisco .NET user groups (BizSparkSF, Bay.NET and SF.NET) are joining forces to welcome BUILD attendees to the Bay Area for the 2013 Microsoft BUILD conference. And we have an incredible speaker lined up - Microsoft's Glenn Block!

Have you ever found times where C# development today is too heavy, where you ask yourself?

?       Do I really need an IDE?
?       Do I really need a solution, project, or even a class?
?       Do I really need to compile?
?       Why do I have to manage all these dlls?

If you've done any development with dynamic languages like Ruby, Python or node.js the answer is you don't. But what about C#?

scriptcs (https://github.com/scriptcs/scriptcs) is new way to develop C# applications as script using just a text editor and without requiring a project. It combines the power of nuget to offer a low calorie alternative to working with C#. It's great for prototyping, simple scripting, application extensibility or even building simple apps. Not only does it let you write scripted "apps", but it also includes a REPL so you can execute code interactively. You can even debug.

Come to this talk and taste a new, leaner way to develop.

Glenn works on the Windows Azure team making sure it's a kick ass platform for Open Source development. When he's not developing products or with family you'll find him at a conference somewhere in the world, hacking away on some new thing, pairing up with whoever he can find, or tweeting in to the wee hours of the night as @gblock.

Come to network, meet the leaders in SF?s Microsoft developer community, and recount the stories from the day?s sessions and announcements. There will be beverages, giveaways and excellent networking opportunities for everyone. More information and registration can be found at www.bizsparksf.com.

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