The San Francisco .NET User Group

We meet on the last Wednesday of each month at the Microsoft office on Market Street. Please join us to meet other local .NET fans to discuss the latest and greatest .NET news and learn valuable information for career development.

We are part of the Bay Area Association of Database Developers (BAADD) and although we are new to Meetup, we have a loyal membership.

The .NET Developers User Group maintains a focus on development practices, demonstrations and show & tell in developer-centric interactive sessions.

Topics include all aspects of development for desktop, browser and web services, as well as architectural choices and application development frameworks. We provide a face to face forum and encourage peer learning and networking.

Events coming up

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Past events

  • //BUILD Welcome featuring Glenn Block & C# on a diet with scriptcs

    Thu, 27 Jun 2013, 02:00 - 05:00 in San Francisco, United States

    The vibrant San Francisco .NET user groups (BizSparkSF, Bay.NET and SF.NET) are joining forces to welcome BUILD attendees to the Bay Area for the 2013 Microsoft BUILD conference. And we have an incredible speaker lined up - Microsoft's Glenn Block!Have you ever found times where C# development today is too heavy, where you ask yourself??       Do I really need an IDE??       Do I really need a solution, project, or even a class??       Do I really need to compile?

  • Event Sourcing in .NET and JavaScript

    Thu, 25 Apr 2013, 01:30 - 03:30 in San Francisco, United States

    Event Sourcing in .NET and JavaScript using the Event StoreIn this talk we'll take a practical look at the CQRS and Event Sourcing patterns from C# and from F#, using the Event Store (), comparing the OO and functional approaches. We'll then take a deep dive into the open-source version of the Event Store, looking through the Staged Event Driven Architecture it employs internally, and how we host v8 to do Complex Event Processing in JavaScript.Our Speaker: James Nugent


    Thu, 31 Jan 2013, 02:30 - 04:30 in San Francisco, United States

    For our first meeting of the new year, please join us as two excellent speakers from Microsoft compare and contrast WCF and the new ASP.Net Web API.  Come hear which is most appropriate for a given situation, the strong points of each, and how they can be applied.  If you are building service oriented applications on the Microsoft stack, this is a must-see event.For our long-time members, please note the 6:30 PM start time.

  • Learn the Parse Framework for building Win8, Android, and iOS apps

    Thu, 29 Nov 2012, 02:30 - 05:30 in San Francisco, United States

    The release of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 greatly expands the kinds of experiences a .NET developer can produce.  Whether you're building delightful consumer apps or rich, business-focused apps, you'll get the most value developing for these platforms if you're not bogged down building the same glue that connects your application to your data over and over again.

  • Attend 27th Annual Dinner Meeting - Trends in the software development industry

    Thu, 8 Nov 2012, 02:30 - 05:30 in San Francisco, United States

    On November 7, 2012 the BAADD will host our 27th Annual Dinner Meeting in San Francisco, CA. We cordially invite the Developer Community to come together and join us for dinner at our place! Our theme at the meeting will again be "Trends in the software development industry - Technological and Business perspectives". It's an election year, and we all have questions about what the future holds.

  • Overview of Breeze

    Thu, 27 Sep 2012, 01:30 - 04:30 in San Francisco, United States

    This month we have an excellent event planned!  Ward Bell from  IdeaBlade will be presenting the newly released Breeze javascript framework.  This is a set of patterns and practices for delivering the rich experience of a desktop application, but all in a browser.  It supports offline execution for mobile environments, a single codebase for both desktop and mobile, and makes queries against a server easy and fast.

  • KnockoutJS with ASP MVC 4 and Web API

    Thu, 26 Jul 2012, 01:30 - 04:30 in San Francisco, United States

    In this presentation we will introduce Knockout JS, a JavaScript library that utilizes that MVVM pattern to build rich web applications. This will be a code heavy presentation as we illustrate the various features of the framework. Using Knockout JS, you can easily build responsive, maintainable and testable JavaScript applications. We'll examine how you can host a Knockout JS application in an ASP.NET MVC4 (Beta) website.

  • Practical Web Application Security with ASP.NET

    Thu, 28 Jun 2012, 01:30 - 04:30 in San Francisco, United States

    This session is a hands-on introduction to the web application security threats using the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) top 10 list of potential security flaws. The OWASP Top Ten provides a powerful awareness list for web application security and represents a broad consensus about what the most critical web application security flaws are.

  • Websockets in .NET for Fast Web Applications

    Thu, 31 May 2012, 01:30 - 04:30 in San Francisco, United States

    This month we have an excellent speaker duo from Olivine Labs that will be showing us how to make more responsive web applications using WebSockets.  They will first review what WebSockets are and how they can be used in your applications.  They will create a demo application using sockets to demonstrate bidirectional communication allowing the server to push data to a client without polling.

  • Driving development utilizing mocks, stubs, and approval tests

    Thu, 26 Apr 2012, 01:30 - 03:30 in San Francisco, United States

    Writing code that gets the results you want can be hard; mocks, stubs, and approval tests can make that easier. Dan will show how to use these tools and techniques to produce new code and gain understanding of legacy code.Dan Gilkerson has been building software since he was 8. He started his career off in computer security and now is an agile developer at VersionOne. He has contributed to a variety of projects including Approval Tests, F#, and CodeRush.

  • Building a Rich Web Experience with JQuery, Ajax, and .NET

    Thu, 29 Mar 2012, 01:30 - 03:30 in San Francisco, United States

    jQuery is the most common JavaScript library in use today, used to easily create interactive and rich websites, and is included when creating a new web project in Visual Studio. This session will cover the basics of jQuery, expanding on more detailed topics and will include how to add, select, traverse, and modify elements on a web page.

  • Cloud Application Performance Tips

    Thu, 1 Mar 2012, 02:30 - 04:30 in San Francisco, United States

    We'll cover a short history of application monitoring tools, performance anti-patterns, common bottlenecks, and mistakes Dev and Ops team make, when trying to troubleshoot application performance in test and production environments.Speaker Bio: Stephen Burton is Tech Evangelist at AppDynamics, and is also the alter ego of increasingly popular "App Man" character. Steve is responsible for promoting best practice application performance management (APM)

  • Creating a Dynamic WPF UI with Loose XAML Files

    Thu, 1 Dec 2011, 02:30 - 04:30 in San Francisco, United States

    In our next meeting Clay Ver Valen will be presenting on Xtreme MVVM.Xtreme MVVM is an is a open source framework for developing WPF applications with loose XAML files for defining UI’s that are not compiled into the app.  All bindings, events and routed commands are resolved at run-time.  This allows your application to change the UI depending on which customer is logged in, what features have been purchased, or anything else.

  • Using Visual Studio LightSwitch to Implement an ASP.NET Administrative Interface

    Thu, 29 Sep 2011, 01:30 - 03:30 in San Francisco, United States

    This month, we'll take a closer look at Visual Studio LightSwitch, in which Microsoft gives us a new take on some classic Rapid Application Development (RAD) ideas. LightSwich is a RAD environment built with Silverlight and .NET RIA Services. The data centric design philosophy of LightSwitch can support extremely efficient development, and the extensibility model of LightSwitch is unique. But does the world need another RAD environment?

  • Windows Azure - Monitoring The Azure CLoud

    Thu, 7 Apr 2011, 01:30 - 03:30 in San Francisco, United States

    Monitoring the operational health and usage of many applications is typically reactive, in response to exceptions, system crashes and bad performance. In this session, Clayton will discuss the instrumentation and logging of Azure Cloud applications to empower the operational staff to work proactively in maintaining the application’s health. He will discuss the development patterns for monitoring, like exception handling, performance, feature usage, tracing, and information awareness.

  • Windows Azure - All About AppFabric

    Thu, 24 Feb 2011, 02:30 - 04:30 in San Francisco, United States

    There is no question that there is a growing demand for high-performing, connected systems and applications. Windows Azure AppFabric has an interesting array of features today that can be used by ISVs and other developers to architect hybrid on-premise/in-cloud applications. Components like Service Bus, Access Control Service and the Caching Service. are very useful in their own right when used to build hybrid applications.The AppFabric Service Bus is key to integration in Windows Azure.

  • Embracing Loose Coupling - A Comparison of .NET Dependency Injection Frameworks

    Thu, 29 Apr 2010, 01:30 - 03:30 in San Francisco, United States

    One of the most important development concerns when building or re-engineering a system is how to keep your components from becoming too tightly integrated. It is an unfortunate truth that tightly coupled components and functionality can be a significant impediment to application maintenance and enhancements, not to mention initial rapid development and refactoring. Fortunately, a solution exists called Dependency Injection (DI), and there are many free options available for

  • Leveraging NHibernate and Test Coverage To Speed Up High Quality Development

    Thu, 1 Apr 2010, 01:30 - 03:30 in San Francisco, United States

    This presentation will focus on demonstrating how using NHibernate and test-coverage help production teams go faster while maintaining and even improving quality.  Jeff Doolittle will include concepts such as Persistence Ignorance, TDD, Dependency Inversion (and SOLID in general) and how these concepts enable a team to build software that is both maintainable and flexible.

  • Software Re-Engineering Best Practices

    Thu, 25 Feb 2010, 02:30 - 04:30 in San Francisco, United States

    This presentation will focus on Best Practices in Software Re-engineering, and will briefly review the business case for re-engineering as opposed to rebuilding. It will include an in depth discussion of technical best practices for quality injection and re-engineering of an existing system.Re-engineering an existing system is more cost effective than a complete rewrite for several reasons.

  • ASP.NET MVC Part 2 - Pepsi Case Study

    Thu, 1 Oct 2009, 01:30 - 03:30 in San Francisco, United States

    ASP.NET MVC is a web development framework that dramatically improves testability and ease of development for ASP.NET websites. It not only separates concerns sufficiently to allow easier automated testing, but also provides tools to create a very rich front end experience for the user. In this talk Brad will show a website he just completed for Pepsi: . This site is based on ASP.

  • Model-View-Presenter (MVC) in ASP.NET

    Thu, 27 Aug 2009, 01:30 - 03:30 in San Francisco, United States

    Model-View-Presenter (MVC) in ASP.NET Presenter Clayton Peddy, Terrace Software, Inc. Details TBD

  • Getting Started with SQL Server Compact Edition 3.51

    Thu, 30 Jul 2009, 01:30 - 03:30 in San Francisco, United States

    [b]SQL Server Compact Edition 3.51Speaker: Don Robins[/b]So you want to deploy a Winforms or console desktop application with its own database, but don't want to deal with having your customers install SQL Server Express or rely on Access or FoxPro? Or perhaps you need your application to be able to access your data while connected to the internet as well as when off-line, but don't want to rely on XML files to store your off-line datasets?

  • CloudCamp San Francisco!

    Thu, 25 Jun 2009, 00:30 - 02:30 in San Francisco, United States

    As the terms "Cloud Computing" and 'In the Cloud" have become more and more ubiquitous, many developers are wondering what it's all about - now is your chance to find out. On June 24th, Microsoft is hosting CloudCamp, which "was formed in order to provide a common ground for the introduction and advancement of cloud computing.

  • Microsoft Live Services: Messenger Hackathon!

    Thu, 28 May 2009, 00:30 - 02:30 in San Francisco, United States

    For our May meeting, we're going to piggyback on an event with the The Live Services Team (the guys who power Windows Live) who would like to invite you all to the Messenger Hackathon. Read all about the Live Services Hackathon[color=firebrick][/color] (You can sign up here on or on the Hackathon site.) What's in it for you? [color=teal][/color][list][*]Get the State of the Nation from our social media guru [*]Build a web app that uses Messenger APIs with the Messenger Devs

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