Job Huntng for Software Product Managers in 2010

Software Product Management Meetup (NYC)
3-4 Mar 2010 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , New York, US

We are pleased to have a member of our group and former product manager turned VC, Charlie O'Donnell speak to us about the challenges of job-hunting in the current market.

Charlie mentioned a few of the frustrations we are all familiar with:

1) Companies are unresponsive around job posts
2) Not enough interesting jobs
3) Too many people to compete with
4) Differing interpretation of what a product mgr even is.
5) No way to tell if a company is worth working for
6) Takes too much time
7) Companies aren't seriously hiring

As well as a few questions that job-hunters in high tech product management typically ask themselves:

1) What/how can I offer a company--sharpening the message/offering
2) How can I get my name out there so that companies come to me
3) Where can I create better experience for myself to improve my resume.

Charlie has served as a career coach in the past and can offer quite a bit of insight. More details will be added soon.

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