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Every month meet other locals who are interested in software Product Management. Enjoy discussion and presentations in order to help you envision, pitch, define, and manage killer software products.For event security enter your full first and last name in your Meetup profile or email it to me. Security will check attendees against the roster. Thank you for your interest in our group andlooking forward to seeing you at our Meetups!Beja

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Past events

  • Roundtable: 2013 "The Year of Mobile"

    Fri, 11 Jan 2013, 00:00 - 02:00 in New York, United States

    Howdy SPdMers,With "Queen of the Net" Mary Meeker predicting that mobile will bury fixed devices in 2013, mobile devices can no longer be ignored. Let's get together on Thursday, January 10th for a discussion on mobile strategy. How is the mobile revolution affecting your products?As always, drinks, snacks, and a lively discussion will be provided. And for those who haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend taking a flip through Mary Meeker's end of the year report on internet trends

  • Job Hunting for Software Product Managers

    4-5 May 2010 in New York, United States

    It's no secret that we've been in an incredibly challenging job market, and it's been especially ugly for Product Managers. The economy seems to be beginning its turnaround, we're not quite there yet.While we can't offer you new jobs, we can try to help.

  • Implementing a Product Management Process

    20-21 Apr 2010 in New York, United States

    For our April event, we will delve into a discussion on the product management process, how it should be integrated into an organization,and the challenges of meeting that ideal. The discussion will be supported by a presentation and will look to our group members for an active discussion on the topic, as there is no standard that applies to every firm or business.

  • Job Huntng for Software Product Managers in 2010

    3-4 Mar 2010 in New York, United States

    We are pleased to have a member of our group and former product manager turned VC, Charlie O'Donnell speak to us about the challenges of job-hunting in the current market.Charlie mentioned a few of the frustrations we are all familiar with:1) Companies are unresponsive around job posts2) Not enough interesting jobs3) Too many people to compete with4) Differing interpretation of what a product mgr even is.5) No way to tell if a company is worth working for

  • Mobile Applications and the Mobile Web: Implications for the Software Industry

    28-29 Jan 2010 in New York, United States

    Note: More details on the topics we will cover are to come as an update to this posting. Please feel free to email me if you have a specific interest in this area.Our Presenter is Andrew Breen, an early stage leader and entrepreneur in mobile focused on product strategy, development, and management as well as strategic alliances. Andrew has worked in mobile since the late 90s at startups and large companies like Palm.

  • SPdM Holiday Party at Fiddlesticks Pub and Grill

    15-16 Dec 2009 in New York, United States

    Join us for a meet and greet on Tuesday the 15th at Fiddlesticks Pub & Grill, located at 56 Greenwich Avenue New York City, NY 10011. We would also like to discuss event topics for 2010 with our members. Thanks to Mark Greenberg for suggesting the venue. If you have trouble finding Fiddlesticks you can contact me at 917-690-0799 or the establishment itself at 212-463-0516. Hope to see you there! Fiddlesticks Pub and Grill

  • Roundtable: Using Market Research to Drive and Optimize Product Pricing Strategy

    22-23 Nov 2009 in New York, United States

    We are thrilled to have Ben Woll, Vice President of Strategic Account Development at Hansa Research Services speak at our November event on Pricing Strategy. Ben has more than a dozen years of senior market research and business development experience, during which he built and led national and global relationships with major accounts in a variety of industries.

  • Roundtable with IDEO’s Ryan Jacoby: Business Design

    22-23 Oct 2009 in New York, United States

    We’re excited to have strategist, consultant, and speaker Ryan Jacoby from IDEO ( speak with us on Business Design! Business Design is a unique way of thinking and talking about many of the areas product managers (sometimes) oversee and always need to be aware of. This event will be a roundtable format which means it’ll be an open discussion among all of us with Ryan providing expertise and discussion leadership.

  • Roundtable with Anders Ramsay: Agile Mindset for Product Managers

    16-17 Sep 2009 in New York, United States

    We’re excited to have strategist, consultant, and author-in-writing Anders Ramsay speak with us on the Agile Mindset! This is how to think of Agile more broadly, including influence on business, design, and product management. This event will be a roundtable format which means it’ll be an open discussion among all of us with Anders providing expertise and discussion leadership. Email some discussion questions to Beja prior to the event to kick it off in full gear.

  • Talk with Lane Halley: Interaction Design + Product Management

    17-18 Aug 2009 in New York, United States

    We’re excited to have well-recognized designer and speaker Lane Halley speak with us on interaction design and the connectivity between interaction design and product management!Lane Halley has over 20 years of experience working with top companies on software design and development. She was responsible for many of the best practices used by Cooper (www.cooper.

  • Talk with Steven Haines: Get Past the Product Roadmap

    14-15 Jul 2009 in New York, United States

    Steven Haines, the author of The Product Manager's Desk Reference and President of Sequent Learning Networks, is going to lead a discussion entitled "Get Past the Product Roadmap." Steven will facilitate an interactive discussion for product managers and product marketers. The goal is to broaden your perspective in the area of strategic and tactical product planning. At the very least, you'll come away with some new perspectives on the purposeful evolution of your products & services.

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