PHP Coding for Non-Coders (Intro to True Geekdom)

Web Technology of Frederick
23-24 Mar 2010 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , Frederick, US

Don't have the first clue about code-writing? PHP is a great language to get your feet wet in it! I'm a good example as to why anyone (that can use a computer) can learn to write code. Coming from a pure design background, I was able to teach myself HTML, CSS and then on to PHP/MySQL. Still, it would've been alot easier if someone had SHOWN me the what's and how's first ;)

This fun and not-too-geeky workshop will give you an introduction to the basics of coding. From writing "Hello World" (the very first thing coders learn) to interacting with a database, this will enable you to create basic functionality on you on sites and interact with your developers better by understanding what the hell they're talking about!

This is an entry-level remedial coding presentation for the non-coder, some knowledge of HTML is suggested.

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