VBUG LONDON: CSLA.NET with Andrew Hallmark

Wed, 10 Sep 2008, 18:00 - 20:30 (Add to calendar) GMT
Business Environment Group , London , GB

Date: Wednesday 10 September 2008........CSLA.NET is a free, open source business object framework that can help developers of all skill levels to build scalable, maintainable applications that adhere to industry best practices without extended delivery time. Code generation is a technique for automatically creating sections of code to a consistent standard. Both techniques are beneficial in their own right but in combination offer a compelling method of quickly delivering high quality applications. Following positive feedback from the Thames Valley region I continue my inappropriately named "World Tour of Bracknell" by visiting the capital. My aim is to introduce you to CSLA.NET and some of the features that it offers. I will then entice you with the productivity benefits that it can bring in combination with code generation and demonstrate why you should find out more. If you want to put the Rapid back into Application Development but don't want to compromise on quality why not come along and join in? What will you do with the time it saves? SPEAKER BIO: Andrew Hallmark is a Technical Architect for Maritz, a performance improvement company. He's been in software development for 14 years, first programming in Clipper before becoming Microsoft certified. Having delivered solutions of all sizes in VB, ASP and even Access he now most often develops using SQL Server and .NET. Like everyone else, Andrew regularly encounters the need to deliver quality applications with short lead times. By trying to balance the investment required to learn new skills and techniques with the benefits they bring, he constantly strives to deliver cost effective solutions to customers. PLEASE ARRIVE FROM 18.00 READY FOR PROMPT 18.30 START NON MEMBERS FREE TO ATTEND 2 VBUG SEMINARS ONLY

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