perl application's executable not shwoing result!

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  • 14 years ago

    hi friends,

    i made executable of perl application using PDK say helloworld.exe. made from

    the code in my script was

    print "Content-type:text/html\n\n";
    print "<HTML><HEAD>";
    print "<TITLE>HelloWorld</TITLE></HEAD>";
    print "<BODY BGColor=fffff><TABLE Width='100%'><TR><TD><H2>Hello World
    print "</BODY></HTML>";

    i made exe of this perl script using PDK and run it at my test site then it is giving out put on browser

    "Hello World..!"

    but when i use this code

    print "Content-type:text/html\n\n";
    print <<HTML_END;
    <BODY BGColor=fffff><TABLE Width='100%'><TR><TD><H2>Hello World..!</H2

    now this time it is not shwoing that out put.

    well, for your information

    in both case i'm running this exe on my test site where perl is not installed and i'm running this exe via php script.

    platform is WindowsXP

    server IIS 6.0

    now i'm very confused why is it so. one time getting output and second time not.

    let me know if need more detail.


  • 14 years ago

    Hi muhitmehta

    Put the print command before the HTML_end of last sentence



  • 14 years ago

    hello doctor

    I think this is just a tag to provide info to print command about its scope.
    so it will not work or can say we don't need to give print command to HTML_END.

    but still i tried and found the expected result.
    still i have this error.
    i guess error is somewhere else...
    any way...we will keep trying...



  • 14 years ago

    Hi MohitMehta

    Did you find and answer for you question?

    was it a sort of security?



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