Windows Embedded Compact 7 now available

Microsoft has released to the public a new version of Windows Embedded Compact Edition (CE), Windows Embedded Compact 7.

Windows CE’s previous release is used in a wide range of industrial and many other applications; the OS is designed to run on ARM, embedded x86 and MIPS architectures. It is used in everything from wind turbines with realtime processing components so they can communicate easily with enterprise systems to the Sync technology used in modern Ford vehicles.

The new release has gone through numerous beta releases with OEMs according to Olivier Bloch of the team. It comes with a big stack of new features, including Silverlight for Windows Embedded, Symmetric MultiProcessing support, DLNA support, MTP support, and more. Microsoft has also produced a whole range of resources to enable device manufacturers and developers to get to grips with the new features, especially Silverlight for Windows Embedded, quickly.

Developers with experience on other Microsoft platforms will find the switch to Windows Embedded Compact 7 fairly painless: it uses Visual Studio 2008 Professional combined with Expression Blend 3 to provide backend and user interface development as a seamless experience.

You can get a trial of Windows Embedded CE 7 from the CE site.

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