Silverlight rumored to have high prominence in Windows 8

There is hope yet for Silverlight developers in Windows 8, according to one blogger who is close to Microsoft on these matters.

When Microsoft spilt news of Windows 8, it had a huge focus on how HTML 5 was going to be a big part of the Windows 8 UI. To many Silverlight developers this seemed like a betrayal, and there was outrage that Silverlight was not given a suitably prominent part in the OS.

Now one blogger is claiming that Silverlight devs need not worry - and that Microsoft has kept that portion under wraps for now.

Mary Jo Foley of CNet's All About Microsoft blog is Microsoft's industry go-to when it needs to quietly leak some information or make a clarification without needing a press release. Foley claims that numerous Microsoft employees have told her about a program called "Jupiter", which should help abate Silverlight developer concerns.

While details remain vague at best, it appears that Silverlight will be eligible for top-flight access on Windows 8, presumably in much the same way that the HTML 5 integration worked in the demos that were shown. Whether this will just be a XAML layer or full-blown Silverlight app access remains to be seen, although there is potential to find out at the BUILD event scheduled for the Autumn.

So Microsoft's message to Silverlight developers appears to be not to panic - there will be plenty for you to come in the future.

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