Developers react to Windows 8 and BUILD Windows event

Following the teaser video of Windows 8 that Microsoft released into the wild, they have followed up with the announcement of a new event called “BUILD Windows”.

The event, to be held in September this year in California, will likely be the first real opportunities for developers outside Microsoft to get their hands on the completely revolutionised interface for the next version of Windows.

As we reported, there is a huge promotion of HTML 5 within the new Windows 8 start bar, and both web and desktop developers will undoubtedly want to find out what this means for them when Windows 8 comes to market allegedly in 2012.

However, not all developers are salivating at the potential of the new Start menu and more. In just one of many countless examples, Silverlight developers feel they have been left in the dark over its apparent exclusion from the new OS in favour of HTML 5; rumours of HTML 5 replacing Silverlight on the Windows Phone 7 OS have also fuelled this issue. Of course, other developers have been more hopeful – the potential for reducing code and required knowledge by deeply integrating web technologies with the UI will provide major advantages in that area.

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