ReSharper 4.5

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JetBrains has released ReSharper 4.5 which is claimed to load and work faster, particularly on big solutions. It also now supports solution-wide code inspections to detect unused non-private members – unused return values, parameters, fields and so on.

Despite its name suggesting C#, it now supports VB9 including implicitly typed local variables, object initialisers, anonymous types, extension methods, lambda expressions, partial methods, and embedded XML. You can also defined custom naming style settings for different languages and symbols including types, namespaces, interfaces, parameters, method properties and events, static and instance fields etc. These can be used to control the way ReSharper completes and generates code with your specific coding guidelines.

Another useful facility is the ability to jump from the usage of a base type or member straight to any of its end implementations. Refactoring has been augmented with “Inline Field”. Native MSTest support has been provided natively in ReSharper on a par with nUnit support. Finally we have a wider cross language facility with better coverage for XAML, ASP.NET, F# Compact Framework, Silverlight 2 and more.

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