Business Process and Architecture modelling

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The new release of MEGA International’s Modelling Suite, its set of business process analysis (BPA) and enterprise architecture (EA) modelling tools, includes MEGA Advisor, a new Web-based reporting application for EA and BPA that adapts to the viewer’s individual perspective or role.

Other new or enhanced features include dynamically-generated, multi-dimensional analysis reporting on topics such as SOA, Application Architecture, and Roadmapping to facilitate improved Business Intelligence (BI); confidentiality management tools to control access to information based on the roles of viewers; service-oriented architecture (SOA) integration to facilitate end-to-end management of SOA, from enterprise architecture modelling to run-time application management; a document wizard for easy document generation and more efficient diagram editing through graphical enhancements. The product also has interfaces with IBM WebSphere Integration Developer (WID), Software AG CentraSite, and Systar BusinessBridge.

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