IE 9 arrives tonight

The final version of Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft’s latest version of its Windows web browser, is being released early tomorrow morning (9PM PST tonight) in a prequel to a large party Microsoft are hosting for attendees of the SXSW conference in Austin, Texas.

The IE 9 Release Candidate arrived a little over a month ago, and while no major changes are expected, the IE team says there will be “surprises” in store for users when the final version arrives.

IE 9 is seen by many web developers as Microsoft’s attempt to catch up with the runaway successes of more modern browsers such as Firefox and Chrome. The Release Candidate brought support for JavaScript Geolocation APIs and Google’s WebM video format, and IE 9 delivers vastly improved standards support over its previous versions.

According to The Next Web, Microsoft signed off the final IE 9 build on Friday, and they are planning to continue the very popular “developer preview” releases of the next version of IE once this one is out of the door.

Microsoft have recently commenced a reverse-marketing campaign for IE 9’s younger sibling, Internet Explorer 6, in an attempt to rid it from the web entirely.

IE 9 will also be making its debut on Windows Phone 7 in the next year when a major update arrives for the mobile OS.

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