Microsoft updates Kinect SDK beta

Microsoft have pushed out an update to their public beta Kinect SDK, in the form of a "beta refresh". Following on from the huge popularity of the SDK since its release just over a month ago, the community have spoken and Microsoft have responded with this update.

"In support of our commitment to encourage researchers and enthusiasts in their exploration of the exciting possibilities of the Kinect sensor, we have now released a refreshed version of the SDK" said Tony Hey, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft Research Connections. "The community has provided us with a lot of good feedback, and this release addresses some of the top items you’ve told us about."

The update includes upgrades to the Kinect drivers, including protection in scenarios where the host computer went to sleep, followed by a crash of the SDK. It also updates the timestamping functionality in the underlying code, and the cleanup of some APIs that didn't have functionality available as yet (they will be re-added as their functionality appears).

"If you’re an academic researcher or an enthusiast who wants to take advantage of the latest developments in natural user interface experimentation, we encourage you to learn more about and download the Kinect for Windows SDK beta refresh."

"We plan on releasing the next refresh of the Kinect for Windows SDK beta later this year (still with a non-commercial license)."

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