Kinect SDK v2 arrives along with new website

It was just last week that we were talking about the upcoming expected release of the official commercial SDK for Kinect on Windows (and some pretty cool uses by Microsoft Research in the UK).

To celebrate the Kinect’s 1st birthday, Microsoft have released the first major update to its official Windows SDK, along with an official website, Facebook page and Twitter account.

The official website is designed to hold the download and information regarding the new SDK, as well as a set of features and resources for finding out more about Kinect.

Interestingly the website also includes a stack of jobs in the Kinect for Windows team in Redmond, and all the photos are non-Xbox 360 branded Kinects (currently shipping units are embossed with Xbox 360 on the front as well as the Kinect logo – perhaps a new model is in the works for PC use?).

From a technical point of view, the new drivers for Kinect include some under-the-hood performance boosters, improvement in skeletal tracking systems, Windows 8, 64-bit and multicore support, as well as event notification including when the Kinect is provided with insufficient power, which hints that Microsoft is caring about the possible robotic applications of Kinect.

You can get the updated SDK from the shiny new website.

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