Kinect commercial SDK set to arrive, used to augment rooms

We all know that back in April of this year, Microsoft released its official SDK for its Kinect Xbox accessory. With it, the community of developers and hackers previously tinkering with Kinect integration with computers could now have an official SDK to work with and to build upon their work.

However, that SDK release was strictly for non-commercial use – academics and hobbyists welcome, but commercial development was very much not. Now, however, Microsoft have confirmed that their commercial SDK will become available in early 2012, according to CNet.

The commercial SDK will facilitate much of what the current SDK does (presumably with a few tweaks and enhancements), and will be available for anyone to work on commercial projects. Currently the code is in testing with 200 partner companies, including the likes of Toyota, who are conducting R&D with the software and hardware and reporting on issues.

Meanwhile Microsoft have been busy with the Kinect and some cool projects. Most notably, these are Holodesk, which facilitates interacting with virtual objects with a see-through display. Augmented Projectors is the latest demo video, which makes of 4 Kinects in a room to do full 3D modelling and augmented reality.

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