Microsoft earnings and sales figures out, Windows Phone 7 announcement

Earlier in the week we wrote about how the mobile arena is hotting up with some huge growth figures coming out of Apple, the Chinese mobile market and the Android app store.

Now, however, it’s Microsoft’s turn to bring out the big numbers. They have announced a 48% rise in net income, boosted by sales of Microsoft Office and Windows 7, which now tops 175 million licenses of the 1-year-old operating system. The $16.04 billion revenues exceeded the predicted $15.27 billion, which would have put it below Apple.

In other mobile-related news, we got some more details on the October 22nd launch of Windows Phone 7. 5 hardware launch partners have been announced, consisting of Samsung, Asus, LG, Dell and HTC. Sony Ericsson and Toshiba won’t be able to get phones ready for the release date.

Aside from the preview Windows Phone 7 Samsung units that were given to a number of journalists a few weeks ago, very little is known about what the hardware itself is going to look like or what the 5 companies that will be competing on launch day will produce.

If you want to get on board with Windows Phone 7 development check out our recent article about the update to the dev tools.

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