Mono Tools Version 2 has arrived

The latest version of Mono Tools, version 2, has just been released.

Mono Tools is a tool suite for Visual Studio that allows developers to build .NET applications that run on Mono on non-Windows platforms (such as Linux and iPhone) while taking advantage of all the features of Visual Studio that you’re used to in .NET development. It provides support for features such as analysing Mono compatibility from the IDE, packaging to RPM for distribution to Linux users, and the creation of “Linux Appliances”, which is a SUSE Linux operating system bundle including your application. It also allows you to debug on target machines running OS X and Linux operating systems.

There are many new features in version 2, including soft debugger support, and faster transfer of the application to the deploy system. Visual Studio 2010 support has been added so it works on the latest platform as well as VS 2008. This adds the advantage that it uses the VS 2010 plugin developer architecture, meaning you only have one installer to worry about instead of system installs and registry hackery. On top of all this, there have been numerous bug fixes and usability clean-ups too.

Mono Tools starts at $99 but has a 30 day free trial if you want to give that a shot.

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