Google rolls out new features to Chrome Beta channel

Last week we wrote about Microsoft releasing a new Platform Preview of Internet Explorer 9. Today, Google have released an upgrade to their Chrome browser.

There’s already been much discussion in the past around browsers and rendering / JavaScript execution performance. The new Chrome release features another 15% improvement in its V8 and SunSpider benchmarks, as well as a 64% improvement in Mozilla’s DOM Core tests, but after a while these numbers and benchmarks start to get a bit meaningless.

Some of the more interesting features include AutoFill (although, admittedly, that is kind of like selling copy and paste as a feature on a smartphone in today’s modern web-browser age) and greatly expanded synchronization opportunities. Now, as well as bookmarks, preferences and theme sync, you may also synchronize your extensions and AutoFill (explicitly excluding credit cards is enforced, of course) as well.

Finally, there has been a bit of an overhaul in the interface of the browser, with a lot of the clutter (even though there wasn’t that much to start with) being removed from the toolbar to make the browser as simple, intuitive and easy to use as possible.

If you already have the Chrome Beta branch installed, you will probably have the update already. Otherwise, you can go grab it from the site now.

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