Internet Explorer 9 Beta Launch Announced

Microsoft have announced the date and event for the upcoming release of Internet Explorer 9 Beta.

Featuring the tagline “Unlock the native web”, invitations have been sent out to journalists for the Beauty of the Web event. The invitation e-mails linked to an HTML5 site that required the invitees to unscrable an anagram to get access to the registration button for the event.

The launch event will be held on the 15th of September, and Microsoft says they will be “celebrating the beauty of the web” along with the release of the public beta. This promises to be an event where we see some super-cool sites previewed or made available that take advantage of the new technology in Internet Explorer 9.

Some of these key features include hardware acceleration for HTML5 Canvas; full SVG support; native JavaScript; and support for the Web Open Font Format, a cross-browser way of rendering and delivering custom fonts to websites.

There have been over 2.5 million downloads of the Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview releases. These versions are pre-beta iterations of the software, designed to allow web developers to check that their sites will function correctly with IE 9 when it is made available to the public.

Internet Explorer recently celebrated its 15th birthday. The first release of Internet Explorer version 1 being released as part of Microsoft Plus! for Windows 95 back in August 1995.

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