New jQuery version brings massive performance increases, many features

A new version of jQuery, version 1.4.3, is now available to developers.

The most notable features of this release are numerous speed improvements across the framework. The CSS module has been rewritten to focus on extensibility. This enables custom CSS plugins based on the existing CSS and animation functions. This function alone is up to 20% faster (depending on your browser) than the previous release. The Data module has also been improved to better support features of HTML 5. HTML 5 allows you to specify “data” attributes on tags; thes are now automatically retrieved by jQuery and you can access the values programmatically through the data object. The traversal engine of jQuery has also had its improvement dramatically increased. The “closest” function, for example, now takes 500 milliseconds in Firefox 3.6, where it used to take nearly 4 seconds. This improvement is largely down to the jQuery team’s work with browser vendors. There are also a long list of smaller improvements to other parts and functions in the framework.

jQuery 1.4.3 is available today. You can read more and find the CDN and download links on the jQuery blog.

Yesterday we reported on jQuery Mobile, a project built on jQuery that is designed to simplify building great experiences across the wide range of mobile browsers.

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