jQuery reaches 1.4.4, new animation functions, bug fixes, and call for suggestions

The jQuery Project has released a new minor version of the 1.4 release, bringing it to 1.4.4. jQuery is a JavaScript library used by many projects and websites to simplify asynchronous HTTP requests, animations and document and event handling in a cross-browser and efficient manner.

The main new feature included in 1.4.4 is a new fadeToggle() method in the Effects component. The fadeToggle() method continues jQuery’s integration efforts across the platform, bringing the benefits developers have been used to with slideToggle() and toggleClass() to the fading animation pattern. In addition to this, minor bug fixes and enhancements include changes to the data() function to enable better support of HTML 5-style meta attributes on tags; better support for hidden elements; and a big stack of regression bugs. There’s more detail on those on the jQuery blog; the CDN distributions of the release are also available on the jQuery CDN and the Microsoft Ajax CDN.

The jQuery team is also calling for feature requests for the next major version of jQuery, 1.5. The team are hoping to bring this update in January, and they are asking the community to contribute suggestions for what they would like to see within the next couple of weeks ready for review.

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