Windows Phone 7 jailbreakers meet Microsoft to discuss developers on the platform

Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 developer experience team have been meeting with Rafael Riviera and Long Zheng, two thirds of the team behind ChevronWP7, the first jailbreak application for Windows Phone 7, according to accounts on Twitter.

The tool was first released in November of last year, and following a few simple steps it allowed anybody to load applications on to Windows Phone 7 devices through a mechanism known as "side-loading". Prior to this, the technique was only available to developers with Windows Phone Marketplace accounts. The exploit was also expected to include advantages for general users, who would eventually be able to customise internal features of the operating system.

Eventually the team were persuaded to take down their application, and the security hole exploited to perform the jailbreak will be closed in the upcoming major update to Windows Phone 7 (which also includes copy-paste support).

Earlier in the week, the team posted a blog stating their aims of the meeting were to promote the activities of 'home brew' hackers on the platform, and the rights of developers regarding intellectual properties when deploying to Windows Phone 7.

The developers were also given "I was the first to jailbreak Window Phone 7, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt" shirts, proving someone deep inside Microsoft still has a sense of humour about this.

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