Windows Phone 7 “phantom data” bug acknowledged

Users of Windows Phone 7, Microsoft’s latest attempt at a viable mobile phone platform, have been complaining since December of last year that their phones have been racking up 3G data charges by silently transferring vast unexplained chunks of data in the background. Even when wireless networks were available, users reported up to 50MB of data per day was being transferred via the phone networks, and in the US in particular data charges can soon rack up when you go over your monthly limit.

Now, at last, Microsoft have acknowledged that “some” Windows Phone 7 devices are sending such so-called “phantom data” which is causing problems for users. So far they have only pinned the blame on an anonymous “third party service”, although there are as yet unsubstantiated rumours that it was the fault of the Windows Phone Marketplace.

1.5 million Windows Phone 7 devices were shipped by Microsoft in the first month and a half of sales, and while growth is just a fraction of that of Android and iOS devices, the Windows Phone development community has grown rapidly due to its use of technology such as Silverlight, XNA, the .NET framework and more that many developers are already familiar with.

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