Windows Phone 7 Toolkit update arrives ready for OS upgrade

There’s been a new release of the Windows Phone Developer Tools, paving the way for the next major operating system update expected in the next few weeks.

The update download includes new assemblies that match the new operating systems that devices will have deployed, as well as a set of bug fixes and optimisations that will appear in the new version of the OS. Also included is a new version of the Windows Phone OS Emulator, which developers can use to debug their applications on their PC.

However, there are some changes that may break existing applications. Due to the addition to the copy and paste functionality in the OS, any developer who has a TextBox embedded inside either a Pivot control or Panorama page will have to modify their application. There is an issue where dragging the copy/paste controls when selecting text also causes the Panorama or Pivot to scroll, which may mean the TextBox disappears from view. While most applications will be fine, Microsoft have said that they are scanning apps in the WP7 Marketplace and will notify developers who they detect may have problems that their applications will require recompilation and resubmission.

The tools are now available to download from Microsoft.

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