NuGet 1.1 arrives, less breakages than before?

Over the weekend Microsoft announced the availability of the next major revision of NuGet, version 1.1. As well as some major features, there have been over 100 issues closed on the public-facing issue tracker.

Users who have already installed Service Pack 1 for Visual Studio 2010 will not be able to upgrade; instead they must uninstall and reinstall the extension. This is due to Microsoft signing the previous NuGet release with the wrong security certificate, and one of the new features in Service Pack 1 is that it checks certificate consistency between extension updates.

Whether or not this new version breaks other projects that make use of the NuGet format remains (as it has done previously) unclear, but it looks unlikely based on the short list of breaking changes. These mostly apply to function changes and moves in the PowerShell interface to NuGet, which brings it more in line with other PowerShell tools’ command formats.

Problems aside, the new features in this version include a list of recent packages you have installed (useful if you have a few favourites when you start up a new project), an output window for the Package Manager so you can see what it’s been up to, and a change to the dependency resolution algorithm, described in this developer’s blog post.

NuGet 1.1 is available from the extension manager in Visual Studio 2010 (Tools > Extension Manager, search for “NuGet”) or from the NuGet website.

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