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pure::variants is a specialist toolset that simplifies the development of sets of related software systems (known as software variants, Software Factories or software product lines).

pure::variants works by letting you model the features that are shared by your software variants and the features that differ between them and then relating this model to your code base (e.g. components, files, headers etc.).

Once this has been done you specify the desired configuration of features for each variant and then use pure::variants to select the right code and configure that code appropriately to build the variant.

Furthermore, pure::variants is independent of any programming language or development toolset and so doesn't require extensive re-tooling of your development organisation.

An fuller overview of pure::variants is available here.

Freely-downloadable Community and Developer Evaluation Editions are available here.

Past events

  • Code Generation 2009

    16-18 Jun 2009 in Cambridge, United Kingdom

    A developer event with a practical focus on helping people get to grips with code generation tools and technologies.

  • Code Generation 2008

    25-27 Jun 2008 in Cambridge, United Kingdom

    Code Generation 2008 is a unique event bringing together industry experts and leading vendors from areas such as model-driven development, software factories and domain-specific languages in 3 days of high-energy experience reports, tutorials, workshops and panel sessions covering the practical application of code generation tools and technologies.

  • UML vs. Domain-Specific Languages

    18-20 May 2007 in Cambridge, United Kingdom

    Standardised languages such as UML have made software modelling a mainstream activity. However, proponents of domain-specific languages, argue that designing a modelling language specifically for a particular domain allows clearer and more precise models than using a standard language. An expert panel considers which is the best approach.

  • Code Generation 2007

    18-20 May 2007 in Cambridge, United Kingdom

    Developer event offering practical advice on use of Code Generation tools and technologies from leading industry experts.

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