Limiting mouse movement to within an application using VB.NET

application , VB.NET , Windows Swansea, United Kingdom
  • 10 years ago

    Hi All, Sorry I'm a bit of a noob at .NET but I have been trying to develop an application to prevent users from logging onto multiple PCs on a windows network. I have the program running with the user being shown relevant information about being logged onto more than 1 PC and logs them off when they acknowledge it. However (and I might be missing something obvious here) the users can simply click away from the box and carry on as the log off code happens on the click of a button. So I'm really asking for help by either limiting the cursor to my application until the button is pressed (preferably with the keyboard disabled as well) or making my app the sole focus with no way to cancel it until the button is pressed. Any ideas will be gratefully received. Cheers

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