What is the right development process for a one member "team" ???

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  • 10 years ago

    Hi All, I've read a lot about Agile Methodologies for software development, SCRUM, XP, KanBan, AUP, and so on. All the methodologies include the definition of a team which can range from less than 10 members (scrum) to large teams (30+). But, what if you are developing a software where the only team member is you. What method to choose? ¿Scrum because there are few artifacts and roles and that let you be the Product Owner, Scrum Master and developer at the same time? ¿Do you need to follow strictly a methodology? or ¿is better A task list, a schedule and a lot of courage? ¿It's correct to think in play different roles for the same project?

    I'll appreciate your comments.

  • 10 years ago

    hey - welcome to Developer Fusion!

    The simplest answer is - whatever works for you. There are certainly aspects of agile (no matter which specific methodology you pick) within your development that will be of great benefit - but I suspect there's too much overhead to make it worthwhile doing everything. Plus things like pair programming clearly won't work at all.

    There is some further debate over here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1407189/can-agile-scrum-be-used-by-1-or-2-developers

    There's not going to be any one-size-fits-all but I'd suggest you pick up the aspects that seem most useful to you, and see where the pain points are - and adapt as needed.

    Does that help a little? :)

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