Help with VB6 ActiveX picture box that is data aware for use in MS Access

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  • 10 years ago

    Hello guru's of coding,

    I have attempted to create an activex picture box that is data connectable in MS Access. With several tutorials I have learned to create a text box control that does work. I used this to set the sequence of needed settings. I then attempted to apply this to a very simple picture box control. I then setup a test deck with a data control (either dao or ado) my controls runs fine in VB6. I point the data control to the desired database.mdb and select the data field and data source.No problem.

    I made the MyDataPic.ocx and then attempted to use it in MS Access. My text control connects and runs as it would be expected. No problem. MyDataPic control sets up as would be expected. The forms data source is set to my table of interest and MyDataPic control shows the available fields (control source) no problem. At this point everything looks and feels exactly the same using VB6 test deck or MS Access, also same using MyText control or MyDataPic control.

    MyText control scroll thru the records, no problem. MyDataPic goes immediately to an error. An error occurred while referencing the object You tried to run visual basic procedure that improperly references a property or method of an object.

    Ive tried to research this error and see mostly form/subform issues.

    Could someone please help point me in the right direction?

    Many Thanks

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