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  • 10 years ago

    hey guys, i am using access database for my program. now i have connected to the database in MDI form of main exe, and ir also works, user can log in, it gets verified etc etc etc.

    now here is the problem, when i load a form from dll and try to use any sql query on that form, i get message, "database connection is not opened". so what i did was, i added the connect() (a function i designed to connect to database) in the load part of the dll's form, it made the trick, query's started to run, everything went fine, and when i reload the form i.e after closing the form, i load it again from MDI form, i get error, connection already open..

    so is there any way from which i can use the connection which is establised for exe for the forms in dll?

    or any other way around my connection problem?

    well, that is my problem, now i need bit of advice from u guys. should i use list view or data grid? i googled and found that data grid has lots of issue, but i found it simple.

    please and thanks in advance :)

  • 10 years ago

    can you post your code? so that we can put some comments.

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