Can someone explain why my Deployment project doesn't overwrite the older EXE file?

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  • 9 years ago

    I have a simple in-house tool (.exe) that I deploy with a deployment project which creates a desktop icon shortcut . All I want to do is install a newer version over the old version.

    I've had a good read of the Forums and seen the usual problems of the installer refusing to install until the old version has been un-installed. This problem was solved by incrementing the Installer version number.

    Now my problem is that although the install looks successful, the old version of the executable is still executed when the shortcut is clicked. I checked the datetime stamp on the file in the install folder and it was for the old executable version.

    Interestingly, if I then delete the old exe and click the shortcut I get a dialog saying that the it is reconfiguring the application and then runs the new version that I wanted. Can someone point me in the direction of an explanation of what is going on here? (and how to fix it).

    i have been incrementing the Assembly version number between exe versions.

    has my problem got anything to do with the deployment project "RemovePreviousVersions" and "DetectNewerInstalledVersion" settings? I've messed with them but they seem to make no difference.

    This supposedly simple problem has been driving me mad for days - somebody please help restore my sanity!!!!!

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